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We are AMP, a new kind of photography agency that bridges the gap between an artist management agency and production studio. Based in London, with teams in LA and Ibiza, we offer fully integrated creative strategies to global brands and publications.

Image-making is in our DNA. Our diverse roster of leading photographers and directors work across a range of disciplines, from stills photography to moving image to art direction.

AMP itself, meanwhile, is a collective of like-minded producers, creatives, editors and doers, each driven to make content that impacts, with a human approach.

Founded in 2012 by Alexandra Lutostanska and Morgan Parker – two women who reenvisioned the traditional photo agency model with a 360-degree spin – AMP looks at brands in totality.

Our sister company, AM Production, provides full-scale shoot production for both stills and moving image, giving the client total brand synergy. Working with a wide portfolio of directors and photographers on a per project basis, we hand-pick the right team to fit the brief and deliver a seamless bespoke strategy.

Alexandra Lutostanska
Senior Agent & Producer
+44 (0)77397 07307

Morgan Parker
Senior Agent & Producer
+44 (0)79518 61137

Jonathon Ker
US Production
+1 323 829 6635

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