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AMP Agency was founded by Alexandra Lutostanska and Morgan Parker in 2012. Two girls with a vision and a dream for a new kind of agency that exists between a traditional artist agency and production company. AMP represents a group of dedicated, and passionate photographers and directors. AMP itself is a studio of producers, creatives, editors, and doers that make positive and measurable impact with a human approach.


AMP is an agency that looks at brands in totality, delivering innovative content for both film and stills. Being able to shoot stills alongside film is a great cost saving service, and also provides creative synergy for your brand. and a seamless production roll out. AMP production has a broader portfolio of directors and photographers whom we work with on a per project basis, finding our clients the right team to fit the brief, and delivering fast, efficient and cost effective content.


AMP Agency Ltd

Alexandra Lutostanska
Senior Agent & Producer
+44 (0)77397 07307

Morgan Parker
Senior Agent & Producer
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Jess Frei
Agent & Producer

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