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9 January 2024

Anais Stupka
A Magical Family Reunion in Puerto Rico

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I recently embarked on an unforgettable trip to Salinas,Puerto Rico to celebrate Abuela Ana's 99th birthday and enjoy a Christmas with the Figueroa-Rosario-Felton family.
This vibrant Puerto Rican-New York family, full of artists and creators, spent most days gathered around Abuela in her charming blue home, reminiscing, cooking, laughing and catching up on life's adventures.
Matriarch Ceci, mother nature herself, is the core of the family. A nurturer and supporter, she raised her two daughters and son in NYC with wisdom, trust and encouragement to be themselves. Her home is Ceci's canvas, decorated with symbols of nature she loves. She gifted her children the freedom to live fully as the moon, sun and stars.
Alani, the middle child, is a ball of enthusiasm and ambition. As a stylist and nonprofit worker, she spearheads charity efforts from a place of empathy and grace. Her heart leads her understanding of life, spreading light like her nickname - the sun.
Eldest daughter Tiana spent early years in Puerto Rico, evident through her animated humor and freely-flowing self-expression. Raw and refreshing, she embodies all she experiences, shining her truthful light onto others as the moon.
Youngest Emanuel, "The Kid," runs a creative production company while directing and dancing. Raised by strong women, he's a natural caretaker who sparks childlike joy in others, generously shining his starlight.
Uncle Tio, Ceci's brother, regularly checks in on everyone's well-being. The family detective, his caretaking comes from a place of true love.
Grandmother Mina is Ceci's mother and the family matriarch in Puerto Rico. Her butterfly filled home inspired Ceci's decor. Charming and radiant at 80 years old, Mina's humor fills a room.
But it was meeting 99-year-old Abuela Ana, the great grandmother, where the family's magical dynamic came into focus. Her blue home hosted warm reunions and her humor and sincerity kept everyone grounded. Abuela cares deeply for her flowers, just as she does for her family. After meeting Abuela, it became clear - this family is royal.
Though spread across NYC and Puerto Rico, the Figueroas, Rosarios and Feltons share an unbreakable bond rooted in loyalty, creativity and family tradition. Their recent reunion gave them precious time together celebrating their Puerto Rican heritage and matriarchs that shaped their magical family dynamic."