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2 February 2024

Freya Najade
And 2023 Then There Was Us




AND is an annual selection of some of the best up and coming influential documentary and portrait photographers from across the globe, showcasing in this heterogeneous collection of poignant and inspiring imagery. This diverse collection presents compelling and inspiring photography, reflecting a dynamic response to the evolving culture and transformations in the production, sharing, and consumption of photography. This is THEN THERE WAS US ones to watch of 2023.

As always, we’d like to say a huge thank you to everybody who took the time to submit to AND. Over 1000 people submitted and this year we have selected 78 photographers from across the world to be part of our forth AND annual.

We express our eternal gratitude to all those who actively engage with TTWU, buy our books, or lend their support to the project in whatever way possible. The pre-order option for this year's annual is now open online. Thank you for your ongoing engagement and support.