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6 November 2023

Freya Najade
In the Open

new work

This series is about people coming together doing sports in the public space.

I was fascinated by how people go out to do sports in public places. But not just by themselves in form of running or cycling, but rather as teams. The games happen without a formal structure, without a trainer or referee.

The teams are grouped spontaneously on that day in that very moment, depending on who decided to come. The players have mostly very different abilities and ages and don’t necessarily know each other, the only thing holding them together is the love for the sports.

Adrian is one of the football players, who comes out to play every Sunday at the football field that’s on the other side of the river from where he lives. He usually plays there with his friends. They organise amongst each other to meet up, but anybody who shows up on the field can join.

They are on different levels and play without a referee but that doesn’t matter to him. Sometimes there is a heated discussion about rules and fairness but they always manage to resolve this internally.

Football means pretty much everything to Adrian, he plays almost every day of the week and he is proud how much he has improved over time. His dream is to become a professional player. He is 100 percent sure if he just continues to play it will become true.

Freya Najade