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5 March 2024

Anais Stupka
IWD Affirmative Consent Campaign: I'm Asking For It


"Let's stand united in advocating for these changes"

CPB Agency has partnered with the legal campaigning body Right to Equality on a powerful campaign designed to put pressure on Parliament to update the UK’s 20-year-old sexual offence laws and introduce the Affirmative Consent model. Fronted by actress Emily Atack, widely praised for her 2023 documentary on online sexual harassment, the ‘I’m Asking for It’ campaign follows a survey which revealed that despite growing discourse in the modern world about consent, confusion still abounds, with one in five UK adults saying ‘no’ can mean ‘yes’ when it comes to sex.

When the opportunity arose to pitch for the pro bono Affirmative CONSENT campaign in honour of International Women's Day AMP didn't hesitate….Alex, AMP MD & Co founder comments ‘For us CONSENT is the foundation to respect and dignity. It's about recognising each individual's right to freely choose and affirm their decisions, so yeah being part of this campaign was a no brainer…..’.

Anais Stupka, our rising star was then commissioned to shoot the CONSENT campaign. A fierce activist and advocate for change, her images are a celebration of women embracing their authentic selves. Anais is not just one to watch; she's a force reshaping boundaries across multimedia formats.

Morgan, AMP co-founder & producer of the Affirmative CONSENT campaign, concludes its best "By championing these legal shifts, we embark on a journey towards a culture of accountability, where women's autonomy is not just heard but valued and safeguarded. Let's stand united in advocating for these changes. It’s not just about laws; it's about shaping a society where every voice matters." She concludes 'Im honestly proud to be a part of this, and for me producing this kind of work is where the magic lies’

Being a female-run, female collective agency isn't just a label, it's a commitment to amplifying the female voice on issues that truly matter through our HER SAY platform. For us this the core of who we are, and AMPs involvement in the Affirmative CONSENT campaign isn't just a partnership, it's a dedication to making a difference, one story, one image, one voice at a time.

Additional findings fro the campaign poll reveal widespread support for Affirmative Consent among Britons: 68% of adults believe consent should be given before every sexual activity, even if it’s been given before, and just 13% of Brits feel asking for consent before or during sex is awkward. Meanwhile, two-thirds of adult Britons think that changing the law to Affirmative Consent will lead to more rape cases being successfully prosecuted.

Visit: www.affirmativeconsent.uk

Right to Equality is a forward-thinking non-profit organisation committed to championing gender equality under the law.

CPB London is part of one of the world’s most awarded advertising agencies.

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