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3 May 2023

Kell Mitchell

point of view

I have a longstanding fascination with shooting people through windows. Outside, looking in or inside looking out. Like an extension of my soul, these images are like seeing the world through my eyes, observing these beautiful everyday moments of life that normally go unnoticed. Maybe if I reflected it could be something to do with my own personal feeling of separateness. Coming from Australia, living in London, always on the outside somewhat in terms of culture as I’ve not grown up here….

These images represent my personal observations of humanity, seeking out the beauty in what usually goes unnoticed. As an artist, I have developed my own stylistic approach to capturing light, which creates a painterly impressionism around the everyday moment. I guess there’s a beauty, a melancholy for me, and also an opportunity to really SEE when I capture something.

In reality that person behind the window gets to almost be anonymous for that second, standing there looking out, taking it all in. Or looking in, and wondering, yearning or observing - its interesting….Catching people in thought, as they gaze -This moment thats protected by glass. Theres a vulnerability there that I quite like.

We all have those moments right ?…in thought, gazing, day dreaming, watching, searching?….I like it. I like to capture that inner world.