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22 October 2023

Freya Najade
Hackney Colours

new work

Despite tremendous gentrification in recent decades Hackney remains one of the most diverse boroughs in London with more than 89 different languages spoken. When moving to London 15 years ago I moved straight to Hackney and loved it for exactly that – the mostly very peaceful coexistence of so many ways of being, different cultures, religions, languages, ethnic groups and social and economic classes. All this not being just reflected in the people but also in the landscape and energy of the borough.

Hackney Colours is a lyrical exploration of my neighbourhood to capture its essence and to celebrate difference and the people of this borough. I depict mundane little moments of daily life around me, fleeting encounters and Hackney’s ever-changing landscape, attempting to create a document of a vanishing culture and landscape to preserve its history and a moment in time.

Words by Freya Najade