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17 July 2023

Yushy Pachnanda
The soulful Lens of Crowds and Antics

point of view

Yushy, the acclaimed photographer, has carved a niche for himself by specialising in capturing the very soul of crowds – be it at protests, riots, festivals, uprisings, or music events. With a profound appreciation for detail and an intuitive grasp of the significance of these gatherings, Yushy is a master at peeling back the layers and revealing what lies beneath the surface. His work transcends mere documentation; it delves deep into the emotions, sentiments, and atmosphere that make these events truly impactful. Every shot he takes is a moment frozen in time, where collective energy and togetherness converge in powerful harmony or discourse.

Approaching each event as a storyteller, Yushy endeavors to convey the genuine essence of what unfolds before his lens. His candid photographs and unscripted motion capture the raw emotions and energy of participants, immersing the audience in the heart of the action. Through his lens, Yushy expertly weaves narratives that enlighten viewers about the motivations, intentions, struggles, and aspirations of those who are part of these momentous movements.

Yushy's understanding of the historical significance of his craft extends beyond the present. He recognises the importance of creating a visual legacy for future generations to understand the struggles, experiences, and victories of the past. With each photograph and motion he captures, Yushy helps preserve the stories of these events for posterity, ensuring that the power and lessons they carry endure through time.

Yushy invites us to witness the beauty and complexity of our collective journey.

Yushy's work has garnered global attention, attracting clients like Fred Perry, Berghaus, Schott NYC, LEVIS, Red Bull, HUCK, and The Museum of Youth Culture. He is also no stranger to the world of music, frequently documenting artists with BoilerRoom and Vice.