Antosh Sergiew


Still Life


East London-based Antosh Sergiew is a moving image and still life photographer. Drawing inspiration from art, sculpture and architecture, his work is underpinned by a graphic, conceptual style.

Antosh’s keen eye for composition and colour translates to clean, razor-sharp product shots marked by their deft lighting and an innate sense of balance.

Working with leading prop and set designers to create one-of-a-kind sets, Antosh makes instinctive use of unexpected materials and angles.

Clarity, composure and a striking minimalist sensibility are the cornerstones of his still life photography.

Whether he is shooting artisanal food products, luxury fashion accessories or global beauty brands, Antosh brings inanimate objects to life  in richly imaginative ways.

His meticulous process and polished aesthetic have seen him shoot for a variety of British and international clients.

Clients include: Bucherer 1888 // Wilkinson Sword // Gentleman’s Journal // Eurostar // Helen Marlen // Runner’s World // Harrods // Esquire // Laser Performance // Rosina Boaa // Cosmopolitan // Liberty // Harper’s Bazaar // Luxury Promotions // Grey Goose

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