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Ben Perry’s work is deeply grounded in reality, but a reality captured in the most beautiful, nuanced way. Combining naturalistic performance with striking contemporary visuals, he carefully dissects the textures of real life. Though his lifestyle photography often has a sense of spontaneity his shoots are expertly crafted and planned, using both lucidity and improvisation as tools to find the best perspective on his subjects.

Ben Perry is based in London but his work has carried him all over the world, shooting a wide range of stills and film that has won him 3 Kodak Commercial awards and a D&AD nomination.

Having worked in advertising for over 6 years, both as a photographer and director on lifestyle, portrait, travel and reportage shoots, he has developed a unique style – a style influenced by Scandinavian photography that requires a lighter touch – favouring minimal, natural light and more honest modes of performance.

Young, intuitive and and full of ideas, Ben is someone who will never stop trying to define what it is that makes us tick.

Advertising clients include: Hyundai // Chevrolet // Vodafone // Dove // P&G // Foster & Partners // Hamilton & Hare // Bergenbier // Interface // Barbour // Star Alliance // GSK // Amigo coffee // BMW // Bose // Ford // Cornerstone // De Beers // APT

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