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Douglas Adesko has always loved pictures, especially pictures of people. Baseball cards were his first obsession. Then came album covers and music magazines. A little later, he discovered documentary photography, but his interest still came from the same place – a deep curiosity about other people and a desire to share something of their experience. This desire remains the driving force behind his work as a photographer.

Douglas always finds himself going back to images that somehow convey a vital human energy. ‘Some pictures just feel alive in a way that others don’t. I’ve been trying for a long time to crack the code on where this energy comes from and the one thing I’m pretty sure of is that it has more to do with the people being photographed than it does with the photographer.’

As he’s understood this more clearly, his approach has evolved, and today Douglas shoots for global for brands realising his lifelong dream. Douglas is based between  LA and London.

Advertising clients include:  Intel // HP // Ford // Barclays // Citi Group // Unilever // Android // Google // Verizon // Vans // Microsoft // Samsung // Google // Hewlett Packard // IBM // College Board // Plantronics // Charles Schwab // Wells Fargo // Cox communications // American Express // Merck // Asta Zeneca // Skittle // Citrix // Procter and Gamble // Pfizer // Adobe // Fedex // Tile // Cisco // Taylor Guitars // Johnson and Johnson // Amgen // Kimberly-Clark // Abbott Labs // Bank of America // Intel // Visa // Eddie Bauer // Sony // Gap


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